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[2022 Seoul Food ] Vegan Coke got a lot of attention.

Global Generation launched Vegan Cola exclusively in the Seoul Food held from June 7 to 10, 2022. As interest in vegan has increased recently, many people have become curious and interested in the pr…

[2021 SEOUL CAFE SHOW] WE presented a variety of drinks.

We successfully completed the four-day 2021 Seoul Cafe Show journey that began on November 10th. Barista plant based milk was introduced along with the premium beverage line, and many people were int…

[2020 Seoul Cafe Show]Global Generation wins the Creative De…

Global Genetization attracted attention from many buyers and visitors by participating in the 2020 Seoul Cafe Show held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul for four days from November 4th to 7th. Global …

[2019 Seoul Cafe Show] The four-day event ended in a great s…

Global Generation participated in the 2019 Seoul Cafe Show held at COEX for four days from November 7 to 10. The Seoul Cafe Show is the nation's largest fair, which marks its 17th anniversary this yea…

[SANTA VITTORIA] iced tea and sparkling fruit soda

Vittoria is an Italian coffee brand that started in Sydney in 1958, and currently has a high share of the Australian coffee market. Santa Vittoria was born naturally with Vitoria Coffee's policy of p…

[Teza] TEZA Real Leaf Tea

Teza Iced Tea is a beverage made by combining tea brewed for a long time with fruit juice, plant based ingredients, and sugarcane. The tea has the same luxurious scent and flavor as it actually comes…

[100% Fresh Juice] Premium juice with both luxury and freshn…

"We believe in creativity" From new flavors never seen before to unique label designs, Noah Juice is full of creativity. A specially developed cap cover to keep juice fresh will give everyone a gre…

[Nudie] ‘Nothing but’ fruit juice

In January 2003, Nudie Foods was established with the concept of ‘Nothing But’ when there was no juice made with 100% pure fruits. Starting with small sales in small shops in Australia, Nudie has gr…

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